IDPA Weeknight BUG Match

Date: February 9, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Range/Bay K7 - K10
Contact: Paul Hedgepath
Phone: (205) 907-6848

Registration starts at 5:30, Safety brief at 5:45, Triggers at 6

IDPA Bug Match

Match Fee is $10

Match Registration Link

This is an IDPA type match celebrating the BUG division. We will be using the IDPA weekend match stages, but all shooters will follow the BUG-S division requirements for division capacity and loading devices. That means 6 rounds max in each magazine and no extra round at the start. Shooters may start with a loaded gun and 3 additional magazines.

For equipment, the BUG-S division requires a barrel of 3.5 inches or less with notch and post sights. Recognizing that not all shooters have BUG guns, we allow shooters in our BUG matches to use any IDPA suitable handgun (downloaded to not more than 6 rounds in the gun and 4 mags total) with scores recorded in the division appropriate to that handgun. We also recognize that there are several guns with barrels between 3.5 and 4 inches and have a "BIG BUG" division for these guns. Normally, optics or lasers are not allowed on BUG guns. If you really need to use an optic, we have separate optics divisions. Lasers that cannot be turned off should be taped over for the match.