Community Service

As a non-profit organization, BGTC takes great pride in not only promoting firearms training and the shooting sports, but also in being able to give back to the community in meaningful ways.  Our 1000+ members are dedicated sportsmen and recreational shooters, willing to give of their time and energy in support of our very important mission.  

Currently, BGTC serves as the training facility for several local law enforcement agencies including Vestavia Hills and Homewood Police Departments.  Additionally, BGTC is used as training facility by several Federal agencies including the FBI, ATF, US Marshals, and Homeland Security.

On a more personal level, BGTC partners with organizations such as the Lakeshore Foundation in support of their programs for wounded and disabled veterans.  BGTC also holds fundraising drives for charitable organizations such as Toys for Tots and the Folds of Honor Foundation.  In the case of FoH, for example, all of the match fees collected during the entire month of November are donated to the foundation to support their wounded veterans and fallen service-member programs.  

BGTC also partners with the Boy Scouts of America, providing a safe facility, at no cost, for Scouts to earn their shooting and archery merit badges.  BGTC offers free programs assisting local churches with their armed security initiatives and also helps other civic organizations with firearms familiarization and training.  

BGTC is much, much more than just a place to shoot.  We are an organization with a mission of service, and we've carried it out faithfully for over 50 years.


Recognition for Service: