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NBRSA Southeastern Regional Match: August 23-24, 2014 - Information

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Brock's Gap Center-fire 100-yard Benchrest Information:

Q: Who can participate in the benchrest shoot?
A: Our competition is open to all shooters.  We welcome new club members, novice shooters and experienced shooters.

Q: What equipment is needed / suggested to shoot the benchrest matches?
A: 1) Rifle: The more accurate the better, typically a varmint style caliber and heavier barrel works best.  Sporter or hunting rifles are also welcome.  We recommend center-fire bolt actions, but will also allow semi automatics as long as you bring an empty chamber indicator / flag.   

2) Scope: the higher magnification scopes work best so you can more easily see your target and shots.  

3) Front and Rear Rest:  Typically sand bag type rests are used in the rear and a tripod style front rest with sandbag can be used.  Bipods are also allowed. No return to battery or one piece vice type rests allowed.

4) Ammunition: The match consists of 5 targets with 5 shots on each target as well as a sight in period.  Sighting shots are also allowed.  40 to 50 rounds are suggested for the entire 5 target match.

5) Ear and Eye Protection are required.

6) Optional:  Personal shooting stool, timing clock, water / soft drinks, snacks, wind flags, cleaning equipment.

Q:  What are the rules?
A: We follow basic established benchrest shooting rules.  The match is run or “called” by a match director.  Shooters will be called to their benches, the line will be called ready, the command to fire will be given and the match will be 5 shots with a total of 7 minutes to shoot those 5 shots.  Time will be called at the end of the match and the process repeated.  Groups will be measured and posted after each target.

Q: How do I shoot a target?
A: Our benchrest match is for group size.  There is no point score.  There is a designated area on the target that the 5 shots must impact, the groups are measured from the outside edges of the two furthest shots and then the bullet diameter is subtracted.  This “group” is recorded on the target and the smallest group wins that round.  The average of the 5 groups is called the aggregate.  The aggregates of all 5 targets are used to determine the match placement / winners.

Q: What are the types of classifications?
A: There are two classifications: Factory and Benchrest

Factory rifles are mass production firearms that do not have flat benchrest style fore-ends.  Rounded or beavertail type forends must be less than 2.5” in width. Stock bedding and aftermarket triggers are allowed.  Any type scope is allowed.   

Benchrest rifles are to follow typical sanctioned benchrest rules.  They are typically custom actions, barrels, and stocks with 3” maximum fore-ends  and 13.5 pound max weight. Any type scope is allowed.

Please contact a match director for more details on classification.

Q: What are the times?
A: We begin congregating around 8:30 to 9:00 am.  Our goal is to have every shooter ready to go by 9:45 am.  Safety meeting is 9:50 am and sight in is at 10:00 am with the first match beginning right after.  We usually finish shooting and announce winners by noon, sometimes earlier based on number of shooters.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Only $10 to shoot the entire match.

Target stands and targets are provided!

We promote safety first. Our rules mandate that participants obey range commands and practice firearm safety at all times.  We will have a safety meeting prior to the match.

The benchrest shoots allow a format to converse with fellow shooters and learn a lot about rifle accuracy.   Come give group shooting a try, we are happy to assist first time group shooters so they have a fun and safe match!

Match Results

100 BR May

100 BR Apr

100 BR Mar

Jan 13, 2013              
100 BR GROUP              
Shooter Class Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Average
Eddie Bowman Benchrest 0.252 0.172 0.182 0.299 0.354 0.2518
Bob Baker Benchrest 0.333 0.208 0.242 0.427 0.423 0.3266
Rick Fox Benchrest 0.185 0.18 0.408 0.426 0.444 0.3286
Wayne Cree Benchrest 0.239 0.438 0.291 0.406 0.299 0.3346
Merrell Windsor Benchrest 0.303 0.336 0.271 0.484 0.362 0.3512
Darrell Jones Benchrest 0.605 0.337 0.507 0.398 0.582 0.4858
Dave Georgeson Modified 0.488 0.357 0.2 0.646 0.394 0.417
Bo Wass Factory 0.344 0.677 0.672 0.319 0.539 0.5102
Mark Edwards Factory 1.473 1.585 1.477 1.601 1.413 1.5098
100 BR SCORE              
Shooter Class Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Total  
Rick Fox Benchrest 64 65 63 64 256  
Eddie Bowman Benchrest 63 64 62 63 252  
Wayne Cree Benchrest 63 63 62 62 250  
Merrell Windsor Benchrest 59 64 63 64 250  
Bob Baker Benchrest 62 62 63 62 249  
Darrell Jones Benchrest 57 58 64 57 236  
Dave Georgeson Modified 57 60 61 61 239  
Bo Wass Factory 57 48 54 58 217  


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