Cowboy Action Match

Vulcan Long Rifles

Contact:  Parson Brown - (205) 541-2207-

What is it?

Taking place the third Saturday of every month, beginning at 9:30 am with a mandatory safety briefing at 9:15 am, and continuing until everyone is through. Check email or call the Thursday night before if there is threatening or very cold weather. Fancy cowboy attire not required, but if you have it, wear it! The only things we expect are jeans, boots, long-sleeve shirt and a cowboy hat. It’s the spirit of the game! Equipment: 2 center-fire single-action revolvers, gun belt, a lever-action rifle (pistol caliber), and a period appropriate (safe) shotgun - double, lever or pump (whatever you don’t have, you can borrow). Eye and hearing protection must be worn. We will shoot approximately 50 revolver rounds, 50 rifle rounds and 25 shotgun rounds (but plan for more, just in case). The match will consist of several stages - all steel targets (lead bullets only - please use reduced or “cowboy” loads). Bring your spouse, kids, and your friends; fun to watch, but even more fun to shoot. Check out the SASS website for complete Cowboy Action Shooting info at .


For new cowboy shooters, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS SUGGESTION: Attend matches as a spectator before buying any clothing or equipment. Ask questions and observe. Cowboys are always helpful. Following this suggestion can save you money and frustration. If you already have some firearms that you think that you could use, bring them if you wish, and we can tell you if they are legal and safe for cowboy shooting or appropriate. Cowboys are always upgrading and have good, used equipment for sale.

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