Now Hear This........

It's that time again...

The 8th Annual




Single-Stack Championship

Join us on November 27th for the 2021 Single-Stack Championship Match.



This will be an "OUTLAW-style" match, where certain USPSA Single Stack rules will not apply.  Please review the rules, at the link below, and become familiar with what will, and will not, be allowed.  As usual for us, "Major" and "Minor" categories will be determined by caliber, not by 'Power Factor'.  

(However, please note, your ammunition must be powerful enough to knock down steel plates.  In this match, all knock-down steel must fall.) 


Outlaw Match Rules -

(Please Read in its entirety)



Registration -  Click Here  



Match Details


Match Fee: $35

(Mail: BGTC, ATTN: Single Stack, PO Box 360032 Birmingham, AL 35236)


(Make sure your match fee is received as early as possible)


- 6 Challenging Stages


- Prizes  




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