Polar Pistol Packin' Palooza


Prac/Tac Polar Pistol Packin' Palooza


The Polar Pistol Packin' Palooza match is intended for actual CCW-type (deep cover) firearms.  To that end, barrel lengths are limited to 4" maximum (although an exception is made for G19s - due to popular demand (read: nagging)).


* Some sort of cover garment is required.  


* Just to make things more interesting, magazine capacity will be limited to 6 rounds maximum, regardless of what the magazine may actually hold (no 'Barney' rounds allowed for this match).  Expect a round count of 18 - 20 per stage.  Four magazines minimum are recommended, and they must be carried on your person.  Make sure you have a CCW-type holster, either inside or outside the waistband. No 'competition' type rigs allowed, naturally.  As always, no Serpa-type holsters are allowed at Prac/Tac matches.  Target distances will be from 'contact' to no more than 13-yards or so.


* Ordinarily, this is a Prac/Tac 'Big Production' event with match t-shirt, prizes, etc.  However, this time around, it's just a 'regular' match, with none of the extra hoopla.  Consequently, the match fee will be the standard $10 per person, payable the morning of the match.  


* Expect four unique and challenging stages, as is the norm for Prac/Tac.  


* Winter hours are in effect, therefore, registration will open at 9:00am on match day.  First shots will be fired at 10:00am.


* Safety briefing will begin at 9:30am.  All participants must attend the safety briefing in order to shoot the match.


 Match Registration Link


- As an aside, due to folks having registered for, but eventually missed, previous matches where t-shirts were offered, we have a supply of brand new, never-worn, highly collectible, Prac/Tac shirts available.  If you happen to be missing a limited-issue piece from the coveted series, this is your chance to correct that error.  The shirts will be on-site on Palooza day at the 'clearance' price of $10 per shirt (that's a whopping discount of 0% off regular price!!!!).  As you know, all proceeds go right back into BGTC matches, so pull out your checkbooks and dig deep!  


See you there!