Prac/Tac Honolulu Hidden Handgun Hoedown

BGTC's Prac/Tac is known for out-of-the-ordinary, OUTLAW matches, and this one is no exception!

Grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt and that little compact carry pistol/revolver that you may not have shot in a while (probably since last year's Hidden Handgun Hoedown), and prepare for an awesome adventure in the lush, wild tropical islands of north central Alabama!  (Well, at least we have the heat!)



2021 Honolulu Hidden Handgun Hoedown

August 28, 2021


Here go the details:  (Read Carefully)


Required Concealment Garb: A stylish, not garish, Hawaiian shirt.


Required Holster: Strong side, inside or outside the waistband only.  (No shoulder, appendix, cross-draw, small-of-back, or ankle rigs, etc.  (Think 'concealment' -  No race, drop-offset rigs. Also, no Serpa-style holsters.)


Firearms: Compact Pistol or Revolver - barrel 4" or less.

(The SPIRIT of this game is for competitors to use a small, non-tricked-out, pocket-gun type like you might actually carry for self-defense in extreme, deep-concealment scenarios.  The idea is to avoid full-size handguns or any that are modified for competition.  Again, try using something that you wouldn't normally use for other matches!) 

Before you ask: YES, you may use your Glock 19 (if you must).  Just remember that it will not qualify for any of the 'high-dollar' prizes awarded in the 'Pistol' class.  You'll basically be shooting the match for practice, not prizes.)


Calibers: The usual (9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, etc.), and for revolvers: .38SPC, .44SPC, .45Colt, etc. (No Magnums). However, since this is a Compact Handgun Match, .380 and .32 calibers are allowed.  

(Please Note: Although targets will be close, stages may require that the steel 'must fall', so keep that in mind when choosing your caliber/ammo combination.)


Stages: 5 challenging and fun scenarios like you may encounter during a typical, tropical vacation gone horribly wrong!


Round CountApprox. 18 rounds per stage 


Magazines: Regardless of how many rounds your mags may hold, they will be limited to 6 rounds per mag for this match.  Carry however many mags you're comfortable with, but they must be concealed by the garment and must be carried securely. Moon clips or speed loaders for revolvers are fine.


Match T-Shirt: Yet another installment in the highly desirable, collectible, and quite valuable Prac/Tac series will be available.

(Make sure you register by August 19th to guarantee getting a match shirt.)


Match Fee: $30

(You can either send in payment to the PO Box, or pay on match day.  If you plan on paying on match day, but find that you can't make the match after all, let us know as early as possible so that we don't order extra shirts unnecessarily.)

PO Box 360032
Birmingham AL, 35236


Miscellaneous Info:

- As always, there will be a premium on accuracy - but you knew that already.  Fair warning.  

- If your handgun has a laser grip, that's fine.  However, no 'gaming' modifications are allowed (optics, comps, etc.).     

- No 'Barney-round' allowed.  When starting any stage, the maximum number of rounds in the handgun will be 6, and 6 will be the maximum round count in the gun. The round count shall not be 7 nor 8, but 6!

- Mandatory Safety Briefing starts at 9:30am - (You must attend the Safety Briefing if you plan on shooting the match - no exceptions)!

- Registration is now open in PractiScore.


Mark Your Calendars!


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