Prac Tac Multi Gun Buddy Match

December's Prac / Tac Multi-Gun Buddy Match


This 3-Gun Buddy Match is benefitting the Krulak Marine Alliance of Alabama's Veteran Suicide Prevention Program!!!

SPARE A Life™ Initiative


January 22, 2022



- Four Stages of Dual-Course Fun!!!

(While PCCs are typically fine for Prac/Tac Matches, note that for this match, some rather long shots may be required: >200yds.)


- Sign-In / T-shirt distribution begins at 9:00am

(Limited supply of t-shirts available, so register early - they have December's original match date, so these will be collector's items for sure) 

- Mandatory safety briefing begins at 9:30am. 

(You must attend the full briefing in order to shoot the match!!!)


- Match begins at 10:00am


- $40 per shooter

(All proceeds go to the Veteran Suicide Prevention Program)


Registration Link



Word of Advice: Be familiar with your buddy's firearms prior to match day - you never know what to expect at this match!   


 Click Here to view a Special Drawing to be held on match day by the

Krulak Marine Alliance of Alabama