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Practical / Tactical Match

Something New – Something Different

If you’re looking for something unique, and loads of fun, consider joining us for our monthly BGTC Practical / Tactical match.  We combine some of the popular features found in other disciplines, such as IDPA and IPSC, but then we add a bit of our own flavor to make things a little more interesting.  The match is for shooters of all skill levels, and we have few equipment restrictions.  The match involves movement through several courses of fire in which you will engage both reactive and stationary steel targets as well as paper silhouettes.

The basic, monthly match is a 2-gun affair, any combination of pistol, rifle and shotgun - check the calendar to see which guns are required.  Basically, any type of handgun will do.  Plan for a minimum of 30 pistol rounds required per stage (we typically shoot 4 stages).  If you choose to use a revolver, bring plenty of speed-loaders.  The shotgun can be any model, either sporting or tactical, but the greater the capacity, the better.  Minimum handgun caliber is 9mm, and no magnum calibers are allowed.  Shotshell loads must be standard birdshot; 7 1/2 or 8 work well.  

A holster is required, strong-side only with minimal cant, and magazine pouches are recommended, as pockets don’t tend to work very well.  Shotgun speed-loaders are not allowed.  Serpa-type holsters are not allowed at any Prac/Tac match.

Several times per year, we turn the match into a 3-gun event.  Rifle target ranges will not exceed 40 yards, therefore pistol-caliber carbines are allowed.  Any standard carbine/rifle will work: AR-15, Mini-14, Camp Carbine, CZ Scorpion, etc.  Minimum of 2 magazines recommended, more if capacity is low.  A sling is not necessary, neither are bipods - there is no prone/supported shooting.

Also on occasion, we’ll have a Buddy Match.  This is our own unique concept in competitive shooting, where you and your buddy navigate a course of fire together, simultaneously, communicating and, at times, helping each other out.  This is an extremely popular match, so don’t miss it.

Keep an eye on the match calendar so you’ll know which type of match is coming up.

Key Points to remember:

  1. All matches are open to the public
  2. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for both participants and observers
  3. Be very familiar with the functioning of your firearms.  Know how to clear malfunctions quickly and safely and make sure everything is in good working order.
  4. The safety briefing is MANDATORY.  If you are not there for the entire briefing, you will not be allowed to shoot the match.
  5. Minimum round counts, on average: 120 pistol / 75 rifle / 2 boxes of shot-shells
  6. This is a fun match designed to give shooters a challenging experience.  However, unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  The courses of fire are very specific and meant to be followed as written.  Penalties will be assessed for willfully circumventing the course of fire.
  7. The decisions of the Match Director/Safety Officers are final.
  8. With the exception of match-specific rules mentioned here, standard multi-gun rules will apply
  9. No steel-core, armor-piercing or tracer ammunition is allowed.
  10. Safety is always first, PERIOD.